Lunch on Norman Island

Norman Island is one of the many Islands located in the British Virgin Island territory. Unfortunately the Island does not have a resort or residents living on the Island, however that doesn’t mean you can’t spend a fabulous day there.

Here is a list of things you can do on your visit to Norman Island.

1. | Snorkelling / Explore inside the caves |

| Great experience, make sure to walk with a GoPro and be aware of sea urchins |

|This is actually a photo of me from a sailing trip with my friends back in January 2016 |

2. | Have lunch at Pirates Restaurant or newly built The Club Restaurant |

3. | Spend the day lounging on the beach / Renting water sport equipment|

4. | Have lunch at Willy-T Restaurant & Bar ultimate tourist destination |

| One of a kind experience on Willy-T’s Party boat |

Now you must be wondering “how do I even get to this marvellous place?”  Don’t worry I’ve got you covered, below are your transportation options:

> Your private boat

> Charter a boat

> The Ferry click for schedule

Being a local in the BVI have so many advantages, especially when you are privilege to own a boat. I have been to Norman Island on numerous occasions, mostly Willy-T in the evenings. So when we set out to spend the day there, I was extremely excited to share my experience via photos.

We have always gone to Pirates in the past and when we saw that they had recently renovate the place we decided to try out the new restaurant The Club.

So here are a few photos I’ve taken of Pirates side of the beach to share with you guys.

 | Pano Shot of Pirates |

| Giant Jenga |

| Pirates Restaurant, newly renovated |

 | A few water sports equipments |

|  View of the Gift Shop, however it was closed so I couldn’t rent a paddle-board |

 | View of the beach from the far end of Pirate’s side. |

The Club

| Newly built restaurant / lounge. |

 | The Club Restaurant |

| The lounge chairs we rented a bit on the pricey side |

 | The view from my lounge chair |

  | Took a swing in the hammock |

 | Venture With Sky via NORMAN ISLAND |

 Lunch. We ordered bake wings with guacamole, sweet potato fries, bacon wrap plantains and a fish cream soup. Everything was delicious! especially those plantains.

|  A beautiful day well spent with family, but it’s time to go home |

| Caught this amazing shot of the sun setting as we were leaving Norman Island |

Feel free to share your experience at Norman Island below. I’d love to here how your day went.

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