Day at Peter Island

What better way to spend a beautiful sunny sunday than on a private island resort.

Destination: Peter Island

Location: British Virgin Islands

Peter Island is a luxury resort with suites, private villas, 5 beaches, spa, tennis courts, pool, watersports and 2 restaurants.

Most resorts in the BVI allow you to come over and spend the day. So with that being said, me and my friends packed our swimsuits and made our way over to Peter Island.


> Private or Chartered Boat

> Peter Island Ferry

Check out their website for other transportation options.

We decided to take the 8:30am ferry across, which would give us loads of time to explore, take photos, do a activity and enjoy some lunch.

As we step off the ferry we were greeted with friendly staffs and everyone seemed to be merry going about their business which we then decided to have some breakfast to start our day.

The Island has two restaurants, Tradewind’s and Deadman’s Beach Bar & Grill. Tradewind’s Restaurant was open for breakfast and a short walk over.

With my tripod set up and in the corner, it reminded us of our commercial we did for a restaurant. So it was only fitting to reenact it.

 ” bon appétit! ” The food tasted just as good as it looked and beautifully serve. The staff was indeed charming and tend to our every need.

After a long breakfast ( catching up with each other ) we finally made our way down to Deadman’s Beach!

The Entrance walk way to Deadman’s Beach. I love the structural setup and all the lush vibrant green plants, such a beautiful sight.

It was quite a relax and tranquil atmosphere. They had light local steel pan music playing in the background, few guest learning to paddle board and friendly staff waiting to assist.

We got lots of compliments walking around with a camera and tripod, staff wanting to know what was going on, oh nothing, just recording our fabulous day for my Travel Blog.

We did try to do a jumping picture…. Epic Fail LOL I need to buy photoshop so I can take the good poses and smash them into one beautiful pic. I’m convince thats how its done.

We walk with our own floats ( which we also blew up on the beach ) just to lounge in the water. They was a great hit!! few of the guest even ask us if they can take photos with them.

 After spending what felt like 30mins trying to get a good jumping picture, we finally went into the water which was crystal clear. Actually all of the beaches in the BVI are crystal clear.

When you are having a splendid time, time tends to fly.. not realising we was in the water for more than a hour, (guilty, we were talking) we headed to shore and relax in the beach chairs. (Beach chairs are for Guest but it was slow so we got to use them)

Listening to the soft tunes of the steel pan playing as we nodded off for a bit, felt like true island paradise! ( Fun Fact: I uses to play the steel pan as a child growing up )

 It’s time for lunch! We were greeted by friendly staff and got a beach view table. The menu was very casual for lunch for example pizzas, sandwiches, burgers etc. which was great because we didn’t have to wait long for our orders to arrive.

 We all order the same lunch, turkey club sandwiches but I’m currently obsess with sweet potato fries.. can you guess which plate is mine? I was looking forward to some cold scented towels I had received from a previous visit at Little Dix Resorts to wipe our hands. But they didn’t have them,

After a splendid lunch and more chatting, we walk on over to the other side of the beach to book a water sport activity, which had a waiting time of 25mins. In order to kill some time we then walk around and took photos.

Girls just wanna have SUN !!!!

The beautiful Ms. Danielle


Finding my inner mermaid

Adventure Time !!!

Me & Danielle signed up to learn how to sail the Hobie Cat ! It was a great experience and our guide was very knowledgeable on all our questions. He should us how to turn, reverse and guide the sail. He even took some shots of us ” Sailing ”  the Hobie Cat.

 He said we were fast learners and doubted if this was our first time.

 Land Ho!!

 Thanks Sherman! for a great first time experience on the Hobie Cat !!

 That’s a wrap !

Today was such a memorable day! I spend it catching up with my friends and learning something new and exploring a new environment. ( My first and surely not last, time on Peter Island ) I would totally recommend visiting Peter Island for the day! Can’t wait to do a spa day with the girls!

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Have you been to Peter Island? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below! I would love to know how it was.


Side Note: This post was originally written on June 9th 2016**

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