Necker Island Nature Tour.

Ahh Necker Island, home to none other billionaire Sir Richard Branson.

Necker Island is a 74-acre luxurious private island resort. Equipped with luxury private villas, exotic wild animals, stunning views and a wide range of land and water activities for their guest.

The ultimate all-inclusive luxury resort | Price: $$$$+ |

 *Sighs* Oh what a dream to actually spend the night.

Great House Room

Island Great House Master Suite

Bali Kukila

* Photos from Necker Island Website

Necker Island is mainly booked for hire. However, you can book a room HERE

Necker’s Nature Tour  ]

I’ve done the Nature Tour on Necker Island back in 2012 with the BVI Montessori School, which was truly an experience. So for my mother’s birthday this year we decided to make the trip over to do the nature tour with the children.


 Go to Sea It Clear website to check availability on the nature tours. | Click Here | Once your desired date is set they will send email confirmation.


> Your Private Boat

> Gumption’s Sea It Clear Boat

We opt to do the whole experience and take the ride over with Gumption’s Sea It Clear Boat. His tour boat is a glass bottom boat, which we were lucky to get a glimpse of some sting rays and coral reef on the ride over from Gun Creek, Virgin Gorda. Gumption also provide Reef Tours.

| Need instructions on taking the ferry to Virgin Gorda? Click Here |

Once we docked on Necker Island, Gumption revised the social media policy with us and it was off to feed the lemurs.

 On the way, we saw quite a few animals just lounging around and playing with each other.

Here are some Ring-tailed lemurs that we saw. We were offer the option to feed them however, because we were press for time we opt not to.

 As we continued along the way we were able to see some macaws talking to each other, and even give us a little pose for the camera.

 Finally!! after walking for four short minutes we arrived by the ruffed lemurs. My son was not afraid to get up close to them or feed them.

Only the brave went in! My mom, the children and myself. The lemurs were so fluffy and their tiny hands were so soft! I really enjoyed feeding them and watching my son bark at them and trying to pet them.. I’m sure he thought they were puppies.

 After feeding the Lemurs, we went to wash our hands and on the way I took a few pictures of the view. I couldn’t resist myself !

 View from the hammock. I did swing in it a little bit while the kids take turns washing their hands.

 Check Mate !

Hey Toucan “Sam”

Umbrella Cockatoo or as the kids calls them “Nigel” from the movie Rio.

Time to feed the flamingos! It was quite a sight! Gumption told us that Necker started with 20 flamingos and now they have 500. I want one!! just one!

After watching the flamingos swim, fly and squawk we made our way up a dirt trail that leads to the tortoises.

The Island has six Aldabra giant tortoises.

 The children were excited to feed them leaves and take pictures with them.

Turtles are one of my favorite animals growing up. We were able to also hold a few baby turtles and learn how to tell a male and female apart.

Lastly, Gumption took us to visit Lucky. Blind since birth, they decided to keep her separate to improve her life span. She is now my new favorite animal and I’ve collected a few of her feathers that she shed to frame.

 Spending the day on Necker Island learning about the animals was a memorable experience with my family! Gumption was such a charming guide. I would definitely tour Necker again to visit Lucky! If your looking for a fun mini-adventure to do with the children this summer, I highly suggest taking them.

Check out my Necker Island Nature Tour  vlog !

Have you ever done the nature tour on Necker Island? Feel free to share your experience, or if your planning on doing the tour! Tell Gumption, Sky sent you!

xoxo Sky

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