Exploring New York With Children

Ever since I moved back home to the British Virgin Islands, I’ve always try my best to visit the city as often as possible. However when I do, I mostly visit my friends and family. 

The last time I visited I didn’t get out much since my son was too young. Now that he’s a bit older, on my recent visit to New York I decided to explore the city I once called home. I didn’t manage to do everything on my list however I will still add them because they are worth doing.

Here’s a few places we went to on our visit:

Brooklyn Bridge / Jane’s Carousel

If you’re planning on visiting the Brooklyn bridge, I say go for it! It is a beautiful work of art, however we had no plans of walking across. Jane’s Carousel is the perfect hidden gem just next to the Brooklyn Bridge. I must admit Christian insisted we ride the carousel a few times and put up a fight when it was time to leave.


There are a multitude of museums in New York however The Museum of Modern Art is home to Vincent Van Gogh‘s Starry Night painting and many other beautiful paintings and sculptures. I attempt to visit during the afternoon which I immediately left after seeing how long the ticket line was. My best advise is to purchase a ticket online or visit the museum when they open their doors. We visited the museum early in the morning to beat the crowd so we can get good views of the Starry Night.

China Town

We visited China Town to seek out some authentic Bubble tea and Pho! If my husband was with us, we would have surely squeeze some all day Dim Sum in as well. Apart from Asian food and delicious exotic fruits, you can also find vendors selling assorted nicknacks.

Central Park

A visit to Central Park will be a long day, from various street vendors to public performance. I suggest you break this visit up into two days or get yourself a map of the park and visit the top areas you want to see. We did walk a bit only to realise it would be too much for Christian, so I hired a bicycle guy to ride us around ( I did bargain with him on a cheap deal )

William Tecumseh Sherman Monument

Right outside of Central Park on Fifth Ave, you can find this beautiful golden statue. There’s plenty of benches to sit, have have a chat, read a book or simply enjoy the scenery. We sat and ate our bagels enjoying how calm the streets where before heading to Central Park.

Window Shopping down Fifth Ave

I swear, as I was walking down Fifth Ave I started to realise that the very air I was inhaling smelt like perfume. I literally stop to enjoy how sweet the fragrance was. Apart from the Avenue smelling like gold, you can find high end stores lined up after each other. I did take some photos of the beautiful display windows, but due to how sunny it was I highly suggest visiting when the sun is setting and when the side walk is more likely to be less busy to fully enjoy the view and the stores won’t be as packed if you do go inside to shop.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

I love looking at beautiful architecture, and this building is such a sight! We went in, lit a candle and said a prayer. It was very busy inside with tourist and ongoing renovations that I didn’t bother to stay long.

Time Square

 I can’t tell you when is the best time to visit because even 3am the streets are pack and bright ( even during the winter ) They don’t call it the ” City that never sleeps ” for nothing. I wanted to take Christian to Toy’s R’Us in Time Square ( I had lots of fun memories with my friends there ) however only to find out that they left the location.

The Bagel Store

Located in Brooklyn, you can find the famous ” Rainbow Bagel ” which by the way taste as good as it look. The Bagel store is quite small with not enough seating, so I order my bagel to go and walk over to the park where Christian can play on the jungle gym while I take millions of photos of my bagel before enjoying every bite. LOL


I wander a bit around SoHo when I stumble upon Ladurée. This little bakery is decked out with beautiful pastries in the display window. Feeling quite “English” we sat down for some tea and sweets, which was delightful! I knew right away that they would make perfect gifts for my friends back home! 

The Public Library

With about an hour to spare in the city, I went to browse the library. I explored a little bit but only to find people are actually lounging around reading or studying. Which inspired me to pick up a book to read to Christian. If you go on their website you can check out when they are having children story time. If your not to keen on going inside the library, behind the library theres Bryant park, theres a nice seating outside and food vendors.

Top Of The Rock

Breath taking views of the Empire State Building and Central Park from the Rockerfella building. I’ve been to the Top Of The Rock during the winter and now the summer and both views are amazing. However during the summer it can get pack and hard to get some nice photos by yourself. I can’t give you an opinion on going during the evenings, but when I do visit when the sunsets I’ll be sure to let you know.

Straus Park

I was visiting my Aunt on the Upper West Side and we decided to take Christian to the park across from her home. I was telling her how beautiful the park was kept and how cozy it was tuck hidden between New York busy streets. There were a few people in the park busy reading on the benches to notice our little photo shoot. This park is a memorial for Ida and Isidor Straus who died on the RMS Titanic April, 15th 1912.

Bike Riding

The city is filled with bikes you can rent. They are one of the best transportation to use, especially if you plan to visit Central Park. I couldn’t bike ride around the city however I did bike ride around my old neighbourhood.

Love & Hope Sculptures

Every corner of the city you’re likely to find a art sculpture. I wasn’t looking to find any, but after leaving MoMa I walk’d right into them. You can google all the sculptures in the City and pin them to your map and if you are in the area you should defiantly check them out.

Coney Island

Located in Brooklyn, this is a must visit during the summer with the children. We went during the evening and trust me, you will loose track of time.

Strawberry Picking

Nothing like visiting a little country farm just outside the big city. We visited Lawrance Farm Orchard to do some fruit picking, see the animals and have a mini picnic. It was a great experience, walking around the Orchard watching the children have fun.

Here is a list of places I had intended to visit at the end of our trip, but due to Christian catching a fever I will save them for our next visit. 

>> The Empire Building

New York is called the “Empire State” so naturally I wanted to take Christian to their observation deck. 

 >> Statue of Liberty

Kinda glad I didn’t have to go there because August is basically “tourist season” for New York. I would definitely try to go when it is less crowded.

 >> Staten Island Ferry

You can get stunning views of downtown and the Statue of Liberty on the boat ride. I did the ride back when I was 13 and it was pretty much a blur, so I’m defiantly looking forward to a memorable experience with Christian in the future.

I personally love to visit New York because theres always something to do no matter the time, day or who your with. But most importantly I love the freedom of 24/7 public transportation. 

Have you ever been to New York? feel free to comment your experience or if you would like more information on any locations I’ve mention above or if your planning to visit where all you plan to visit, so on my next visit I could visit as well.



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