Lunch At Little Dix Bay

Living in the BVI, It’s quite casual to spend the day at a resort during the weekend and most resorts will allow you to come over either on your private boat or take the ferry they provide, some are free and some you have to pay for. 

So if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to stay at a resort, you can stay on the main island (Tortola) and book the day at a resort without having to pay for staying there. #BVITravelHack I insist that you call in advance to avoid showing up and there aren’t any  table available or space available at the spa etc.

While my friends and I was in Virgin Gorda, we decided to have lunch at Rosewood Little Dix Bay Resort and spend the afternoon lounging at the beach. Keep in mind that they will be close for renovations from May 1, 2016 for 18 months.

**Need instructions on taking the ferry to Virgin Gorda? Click here.

We made reservations for lunch at the Pavilion Restaurant, however my friend insisted that we walk over to The Beach Grill Restaurant because they had an amazing beach view and indeed the view was amazing.

This being my first time at Little Dix, I was in awe by the ambience and grandeur of the resort. The staff was friendly and treated us as if were guests of the resort.

The food was amazing, I had the Grilled Baby Back Ribs which I swapped the shoestring fries for sweet-potato fries, I had a raspberry lemonade which was amazing and for dessert we all had a Warm Double Chocolate Fudge Brownie A La Mode.

Im sorry I didn’t take any photos of the lunch due to my phone was charging but take my word for it, The food is delicious. 

I was highly obsess with the rosewood oil scented towels they gave you before you eat and after you ate. Apparently they soak the hand towels in water with a few drops of rosewood oil, roll them up and put them to chill, very classy. You can use any scented oil you like. I’ll definitely be doing this next time I host a dinner at home.

After we ate lunch, we found some vacant chairs and relax a bit before it was time to leave for the ferry.

 The coconut tree above me.

My Virgin Islands side bag. It has the map of the British Virgin Islands and comes in three different colour. Red | Blue | White

 Spending the day at a luxury resort among friends (or family) is a day well spent.



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