Day At The Baths, Virgin Gorda

Living in the British Virgin Islands (or any island), spending the day at the beach is one of our favourite past time. So what better ways to spend our sunday than soaking up some sun and enjoying the view?

My coworker, who is from Argentina wanted to take her friend (who just recently moved from Argentina) to The Baths and had invited me to go along with them. It was the perfect opportunity to visit The Baths (with friends) and blog about it, plus its been over a year since I had last gone over there.

Don’t know what to pack for your ultimate visit to The Baths?

Click here to read my “What to pack for The Baths” post.

I’ve got you covered.


Taking the ferry.

After confirming the date, I went the day before to check the ferry schedule. (You might want to go early to spend the entire day and take the last ferry back over.) We opt to go for 10:40am and come back over at 4:30pm. Click here for ferry schedule.

Traveling to Virgin Gorda from Tortola you don’t need your passport or ID to take the ferry and the boat ride over takes about 30-40 min max. Once you reach to Virgin Gorda you can either take a taxi or rent a car (It’s best to rent a car before hand with the Ferry company. I suggest if your group is small to just take the taxi as it is only USD$8.00 per person round trip.)

The Taxi ride.

The great thing about the taxi is once they drop you off, you can let them know what time you are taking the ferry and they will come back and pick you up. *Every time I’ve taken the taxi I’ve paid the fare after they drop us back to the dock. 

The ride to The Baths is approximately 5-8 mins long and most of the taxis are safari busses which is super convenient, that way I can enjoy the view and breeze on the way there. 

The Baths. 

Once you reach The Baths, there is a restaurant and several boutiques that sell apparel and souvenirs. To get to The Baths, you have to walk down a trail pathway. There is a visitor fee of | Adults USD$3.00 | Children (16 & Under) USD$2.00| The walk down the trail takes approximately 5mins (Including stopping to take photos).

Once at the bottom there is a bathroom with showers, a rinse off pipe for your feet, lockers to store your personal belonging and a food hut.

There is also a second beach on the other side of the caves name “Devils Bay” you would have to go through the caves to access this beach.

We, however choose to explore the caves and go to Devils Bay.

 Prepare yourself for some bending

and some climbing

but most importantly be ready to be amazed at mother nature!!  

 The Cave pool

 Quick selfie with the GoPro

The view on top of the cave, there is a way to get to the top however I am unable to explain how to climb up.. I’ll just have to take you. 

Devils Bay Beach. 

 This beach is so beautiful, I wish the name was Heaven’s Bay instead because the sand is sparkling white and the water is crystal clear.

After taking a swim and relaxing with my friends, there is a trail from Devils Bay back up to the car park. If you didn’t store any of your stuff in the lockers feel free to use this exit or head back through the caves to go back to The Baths. 

Heads Up: There isn’t any food hut or bathrooms on this beach, I  did try to find a trash bin but there isn’t any only at the top of the exit trail.

The Baths is one of the BVIs main attraction and visiting it is a must do when you visit the British Virgin Islands.




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